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Godspeed you black emporer, 1976


This is brilliant.

Deus Ex Machina from Seth C Brown on Vimeo.


DIY drone surveillance for protesters

Another development in protester counter intelligence. Protesters in Warsaw recently used a small drone helicopter equipped with a camera to monitor police activity. Very cool.

The next step is using 3D printers to crank out more advanced models.

We're still talking tactics here, not strategy, but very useful tactics.


New Civil Disobedience Class

Sat November 5
Guy Fawkes Day 2011

For this version of Civil disobedience in the 21st Century, the focus will be on addressing an actual strategic challenge facing Occupy Wall Street. While prior workshops have dealt with hypothetical campaigns in the near and long term future, with the continuing success of Occupy Wall Street, we have the opportunity to use this process for strategic planning of an real campaign. Less time will be spent on the initial lecture and more emphasis will be on working in small groups and iterating the simulation.

The workshop will consist of small and large group discussion to establish and understanding of the terrain (architectural, economic, social, etc.) within which the Occupy movement exists. After creating a common description of the terrain, we’ll discus goals, strategies, and tactics and then break into small groups again based on goals and strategic preferences. In small groups we’ll develop strategic plans and then workshop them as a whole class with one group playing the role of the State. Time permitting, we’ll then be able to discuss the strategies, iterate them, and repeat the role-playing to see how the revised strategies play out.

As with prior workshops, I am not claiming to be an expert on civil disobedience in general, nor, in this case, the specific history and tactics of Occupy Wall Street. I do, however, have experience designing and facilitating games and simulations, and given how well our past workshops have gone, I’m confident that this one could be of real value to Occupy participants considering future directions for the action. The diverse perspectives and goals within the Occupy movement will fit well with the workshop structure as we’ll be able to simulate how the State will respond to different groups using diverging strategies simultaneously.

Public School CD21 Listing and Sign Up


Thunk Tank: Corpus Absurdum

...and now for something totally different...


Reading List Added

Hello, yes, the site has been pretty quiet for a while now. Between prepping for the last workshop, traveling, decompressing from traveling, and getting my life back in order I haven't had much time to work on civil resistance stuff. But that's changing! Lots more to come soon, and for now enjoy then new reading list page where I've uploaded lots of great articles that have informed my thinking. Good reading while you're trapped indoors during a hurricane.


Civil Resistance 2021

Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the workshop! We had a great turnout, lots of participation and rich conversation, and almost everyone stuck around for all three hours. Three hours! You guys are hardcore. I'm looking to turn this into a two day workshop (maybe 3 hours a day) to make it a more substantial planning/analysis exercise and iterate the strategies developed during roleplaying. Here's the PowerPoint for everyone who's interested and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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I'm reading Neuromancer now, so this video about "code as a weapon" jumped out at me. I'm still not sure how much of the hacker talk these days is hype, and plenty of .mil folks have obvious motivations to scare the public about cyber threats and viruses crashing trains and taking down power grids and all the rest. That said, as more and more systems connect to the integrated info grid and store their data in the cloud, it's inevitable that weaponized viruses will appear with the capacity to do serious damage. Whether it's now or a decade from now.

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.


Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic!

Kind of shocking to see the phrase "false flag events" in PC magazine. I'm inclined to think LulzSec is legit, but who knows?

Out of the blue, Citigroup was hacked, then the CIA, and then the FBI and other groups were hacked. Now I'm finding this a little odd and wondering who is being set up here. Supposedly, some of the hacks of government agencies stem from the arrest of a few hackers in Europe. This is an attempt to make the hackers appear to be online versions of Hezbollah, as there are retaliatory attacks reported. You know, the way terrorists would do it.

It's all possible, but I'm suspicious of the whole scene. These hackers, who are normally casual in their approach, are made to look like bomb throwing Trotskyites from the 1920s, each wielding a Molotov cocktail and out to overthrow the government.

This above mental image, of course, is for public benefit. By making any one of these hackers appear to be a horrendous threat to public safety, a number of initiatives can be rushed through Congress. All sorts of onerous laws will be passed, which probably will not affect the scene at all but will allow more government intrusion into the Internet. It will become illegal to sell any programming tools that can be used by a hacker, despite the usefulness of these tools to security experts. It will also become a felony to attempt to deconstruct a password or enter a system for whatever reason.

I have predicted for years that at some point people are going to have to be registered and licensed to use the Internet at all. You can see it coming as clear as day. These hackers, of course, have to be stopped, and this is how they'll do it.

There are events in history known as false flag events. These are staged by a government usually to distress the public, so the government can do something that the public would otherwise disapprove.


Adam Curtis makes the illest shit

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