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On the death bed — Katsu!

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i’m alive! right? don’t we say that?

It is a terrible mistake that we often confuse continuity with permanence and characteristics with identity. In both cases, the former is related to the present, while the latter is a projection into the future. In both cases, the person conflating one with the other is being set up for disappointment. Because, see, in this reality, there is no such thing as forever. Everything that happens happens today. There is now. Sure, characteristics are real, but they’re not forever. And continuity, while comfortable, is not immutable.

Buddhism, if it says anything, says, “Shit happens.”
Everything ends.
People die.
Ming vases, precious though they are, often get knocked off their precarious and ill placed pedestals and break.

Loony Tunes taught me that.

Daffy was a true zen master, as irreverent as Ikkyu any day. And I’m not excluding myself here. I confuse continuity with permance too, characteristics with identity. But it’s just not so.

We say, “This is this and this should be like this and this should always be like this. You should always be like this. We should always feel like this.” But it’s terribly foolish. No one is ever always, no matter how hard she tries. Every instant, subatomic particles being knocked like billiard balls away from the temporary atomic cloud that is you. Every atom replaced seven times over, how could we not be hypocritical? Consistency is the hobgoblin of feeble minds. My new favorite saying.

Later, I’ll have another.

Ah, Bodhidharma, all those long years alone in the cave. Then what? You cut off your eyelids and from them came green tea.

One day, long from now, I’ll be today. Just like this, but different some how. Why is that so hard to understand?

That’s where I am at. What do you think??

the catastrophic consequences must vary – as many different ones as possible – so that it is fun for the young players to discover a new way that the earth might die!

Sea Meant Skies

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