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LulzSec manifesto: “We screw each other over for a jolt of satisfaction”

via: Ars Technica

Why did the hackers at Lulz Security (“LulzSec”) invade Sony Pictures websites, take down, and release 60,000+ e-mail addresses and passwords? For the lulz, of course—but what might look lulzy to one person could certainly enrage another. In honor of its 1,000th tweet, the witty wankers of LulzSec released a manifesto of sorts, defending their actions to the angry Internets.

Sure, they’re in it for the lulz, but they claim that their behavior is also in the public interest. What—don’t most public servants end their dispatches with “Thank you, bitches”?


You know those posters that show Obama painted up like the Joker from the last Batman movie? Those are incredibly dumb. For a lot of reasons, but mostly because what makes the Joker an interesting character in The Dark Knight is that he’s an agent of chaos. He is not concerned with money or power or prestige he just wants to destroy order, create mayhem, and expose the roiling, selfish mayhem that he thinks lurks within us all. Obama is a politician, and anyone who looks at his policies see a trend of increasing order and control, centralizing power and pacifying the masses. The Joker is in it for the lulz and doesn’t give a fuck about anything. Which seems similar to Lulzsec.

I wouldn’t call them nihilists, they’re just dicks who like breaking things and embarrassing people without troubling themselves with any political or social agenda. And they’re pretty good at what they do, so they’ve been able to create a pretty impressive amount of damage. Maybe they are a black op designed to raise cyber crime fears and justify restricting the Internet. There was recently a report that 1 in 4 hackers are working with law enforcement. I don’t think so, though. Their attacks are sometimes against “legitimate” targets, but a lot of them are against just silly targets like Eve Online. Their Twitter feed is often pretty amusing. Funnier than I think spooks and grunts could be. They really just seem like those amusing jerks we all knew in school who you generally tried to ignore and who did a lot of stuff that was just dumb, but every once in a while made a mean joke or a prank that you had to laugh at.

What does this have to do with civil resistance? They’re not like Anonymous who practices hacktivism. But they’re part of the new landscape, and they’re an important part of it. John Robb would call them superempowered individuals. They’re a small group with the power to wreak havoc on much larger organizations. Lulzsec will likely be brought down or disappear on its own eventually, but others will follow them.

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