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Open Source Intelligence Analysis Tools

This is something that I heard about months ago and still need to look into more. Could be very interesting for planning campaign strategies.

A software companion to a 30+ year-old CIA research methodology, Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) will help you think objectively and logically about overwhelming amounts of data and hypotheses. It can also guide research teams toward more productive discussions by identifying the exact points of contention.

Is Strategy an Illusion?

Seminal essay on war and strategy that’s equally applicable to nonviolent conflict.

Does strategy exist? The skeptics say no: The realities of war—its boundless complexities and uncertainties—make effective strategy impossible. Others who respond positively nonetheless disagree on strategy’s central features and its ability to influence the outcome of war. Defining strategy as “a plan for using military means to achieve political ends,” Richard Betts of Columbia University examines ten critiques of the practicability of strategy and responds to each. Betts concludes that the prospects for successfully implementing a particular strategy are weak at best. With this qualification in mind, Betts then outlines several scenarios in which strategy can work.

Download the full article .pdf here

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